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Textile Restoration & Soft Contents Cleaning

AMRestore uses a Wash System that is clinically proven to kill contaminants and ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety for homeowners, corporations, general industry, public servants and athletes. We restore what you value most, while cleaning your precious goods.

The water-based, multi-step process does not use dangerous ozone gases or environmentally hazardous dry cleaning chemicals.  Instead, the patented, four-step washing process forces detergents and disinfectants deep into the foam/fabrics of your belongings and equipment, killing and removing the fungus, bacteria and germs that cause odors and dangerous infections in addition to smoke smell.

Do you know what that smell is?

It is the bacteria, mold, and fungus growing in and on your soft goods and equipment that creates the stench that stops you in your tracks when you walk in a room or handle certain items. Those organisms can cause anything from minor skin irritations to life-threatening staph infections. Those same organisms are simultaneously rotting and degrading your valuable items and equipment.

Not only does it remove all odors, it removes all risk of infection, without damaging specialty items!

AMRestore is one of the select companies in Maryland that offers access to the exclusive Wash System. This remarkable machine has a patented process designed specifically to remove the sweat odor, smoke or mold odor, contaminants and infectious organisms that can be lurking in your favorite gear. Just the simple process of routine AMRestore equipment cleaning can effectively eliminate almost all chances of acquiring a risky infection from these items. Just a little prevention goes a long way and we believe your family and team is worth it!