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Document Freeze Drying and Restoration

AMRestore can restore your critical documents if damaged by a disaster, moisture, or insects. We use a special high-capacity document freeze dry chamber and meticulous expertise in our document cleaning lab to achieve quality results.

AMRestore knows preventing ongoing and further damage to valuable business papers, books and various film types is one of the most daunting tasks faced by city and business managers, libraries, universities, and organizations after a disastrous event.


AMRestore has the latest large capacity document freeze drying technology to perform any sized paper reclamation project as well as portable solutions for sensitive on-site projects all based locally.

We will assist with the transition from the time the emergency occurs to recovering the damaged media, storage and organized return and destruction if necessary.

Our Document Recovery Process

Each step of the document recovery process is a contributing factor to the successful restoration of your materials. Through the entire process, you can expect our team to deliver the highest quality, safety, and security standards.


AMRestore offers specialized training and certified staff to handle document recovery after disasters like fire, floods, rain, etc. With our proven methodology and barcode tracking software, most of the items can be recovered if you respond quickly and with care.

Call AMRestore at 800-498-8800 to quickly recover your items in our specially designed document freeze dry chamber and document lab!