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Interior Climate Solutions

AMRestore and Polygon can help restore proper conditions of your built environment with the right plan and right equipment

In the event of a disaster, leak or moisture issue, we can help recover not only your documents and contents but also help create and maintain ideal conditions of your space. AMRestore’s parent company, Polygon, delivers engineered solutions and services across the US with leading technology, deep technical expertise, and exceptional operational support. 

Core services

  • Temporary Climate Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Emergency Drying

Typical uses

Many clients see Polygon as a partner in solving their climate control problems or supporting their emergency preparedness plans. Use cases include:

  • Monitor low-traffic spaces for excessive moisture or water leaks
  • Create and maintain ideal conditions for archives or special collections
  • Rapidly dry out a space after a disaster with less energy and manpower than traditional methods

Equipment Fleet

Polygon’s climate control equipment and IoT solutions can be used to temporarily control conditions, diagnose, or monitor conditions, or serve as a proof-of-concept or temporary stopgap for your operations. With experience from more than 30,000 projects, we have the ‘know-how’ and the equipment to help you create and maintain ideal conditions efficiently, sustainably, and economically.

ExactAire IoT

Remote monitoring and control provides real-time data on environmental conditions such as temp/RH, IAQ, toxic gasses, and water leaks. Not only does it alert, report, and visualize conditions, but it can also monitor and modulate equipment based on data. Use ExactAire to manage a spec, diagnose issues, support LEED/WELL certification, mitigate risk, improve operations, or reduce energy consumption.

Portable Dehumidifiers

Polygon’s fleet includes many portable dehumidifiers including the LGR-2000 unit. This is a self-contained dehumidifier that provides maintenance free, energy-efficient performance. It provides crossflow technology for maximum efficiency and has been used extensively for applications such as property damage restoration projects and high-rise construction drying. It uses low grain refrigerant technology to pack more drying power into a convenient portable unit.

Desiccant dehumidifiers and Hybrid/HCU

We offer a full line of energy-efficient desiccant dehumidifiers including all-electric, gas-reactivation, and hybrid models. With ranges from 300 to 15,000 CFM, we can achieve the driest air ensuring complete protection against moisture-related problems.

Industrial Air Conditioners

Direct expansion (DX units) air conditioners provide humidity control while also cooling spaces. We offer a range of models from 1-ton spot coolers to 80-ton industrial units.

Chillers, Cooling Coils, and Air Handlers

Polygon has air handlers from 30 to 200 tons and cooling coil modules to match up with all sizes of desiccant dehumidifiers we offer. We also have a fleet of air-cooled chillers capable of supporting all project types and sizes.


We carry a wide range of heating equipment, including electric, indirect gas-fired, makeup air gas-fired, diesel, self-contained, and steam options. Whether you require a standalone heating system or wish to integrate it seamlessly with dehumidification equipment, our versatile offerings can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Air Filtration, Blowers and Fans, and Humidifiers

Polygon also offers ancillary and complementary equipment and supplies. These include standalone or integrated HEPA air filtration, industrial high-static exhaust blowers and fans, and humidification equipment like evaporative coolers or steam injection systems.

Why use climate control equipment for construction drying?

Drywall Mud, Paint, Finishes

To enable the drywall subcontractor to apply a new layer every day, the General Contractor must consider temperature, relative humidity and air-flow. AMRestore has access to systems that achieve dry times between 12 and 15 hours, maintaining or accelerating the job’s schedule via overnight dry-times.

Interior Hardwoods, Millwork

Interior finishes require being installed and maintained at their Standard Service Life Conditions (SSLC) for proper physical appearance and functionality.   AMRestore has access to systems that keep a consistent environment to preserve materials and avoid tear-out, reconstruction and long delays.

Wood Framing

All wood used in framing a structure must be at or below a certain moisture content to be considered dry.  Schedule delays due to excess moisture in a wood frame can be difficult to recover from.  This will be multiplied in the event of mold forming. To help avoid these issues, AMRestore has access to dehumidification; heat systems and regular moisture mapping to prove that the materials are at specifications.

Concrete Slabs/Gypcrete

To help clients avoid costly vapor sealers and down time during application, AMRestore has access to dehumidification systems that remove moisture to hit the specifications.  This allows the General Contractor to install flooring under the manufacturer’s warranty, while drying building materials in the rest of the space.

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