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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I would highly recommend AMRestore to Chubb insurance company and others who may be in need of their services. The project manager was a calming professional in sharp contrast to the staff of another restoration company that responded first. He was able to describe to me precisely what steps AMRestore would take to remove and safeguard my belongings while the floor was being dried and ultimately replaced. He followed up on all details and kept to the schedule he outlined. The crew that packed my belongings on October 28 was also exceptional. They treated my belongings with absolute care, wrapping, labeling, and packing with extreme care. They worked quietly and efficiently with no time wasted. They were polite and courteous. A different crew worked on returning my furnishings and art on December 22 but they were equally professional. They used “booties” to avoid scratching the new floors, carefully hung the art and placed the furniture exactly where I indicated. They even went the extra mile to rewire a picture when the brittle wire was about to break. I hope that I never again need these services, but if I do I would start with AMRestore. “

Eliabeth N.
Chubb Insured

“Everybody was the kindest, very pleasant gentleman, very professional, fast, quiet and kind.”

Erma G.
Erie Insured

“AMR is very customer service oriented, very professional.”

Keith D.
State Farm Insured

“The team showed up extremely fast and provided all services during the pack-out with an extreme success. All should be commended.”

Ronda W.
Homesite Insured
“All employees were great, extremely professional. They went above and beyond.”
Elizabeth L.
All-State Insured

“The entire crew was very friendly and professional. Thank you so much for helping me put our lives back in order!”

Dawn M.
StateFarm Insured
“All were excellent, five Star service today.”
Jason Witterman
USAA Insured

“Exceptional help at a very difficult time, Thank you.”

Zachary K.
Erie Insured

“All were very efficient and very helpful with our needs.”

Lisa S.
County Law Offices- Large Loss

“Wish I could have AMRestore’ s people on speed dial- great workmen in the house.”

Rose W.
USAA Insured

“The crew was very professional and we were in good hands.”

Denise C.
Nationwide Insurance

“Lifesaving help, I am thrilled with the result and nothing but high praise for the team. Thank you so much.”

Janet D.
USAA Insured
“Better than excellent, they were very kind and helpful!”
Jeanine L.
Ameriprise Insurance

“They were “supermen” today! They deserve their bonuses today.”

Iris G.
Chubb Insurance
“It has been a pleasure working with Will over the years. He has become a valued business partner to our company. We trust Will and AMRestore to take superb care of our clients! They are truly content restoration specialists... “
Laurie C.
Communications Director at Restoration Company

“Bruce, Pat and I would like to extend our thanks to all the AMRestore team for the help these past few days. Thanks again for the support with respect to the additional items to be packed and stored.”

Brian M.
Homesite Insurance

“Will Lamb is the owner and chief executive of AMRestore. I have been impressed with the services offered by the company and Will's management of its operations. Will has selected a highly competent staff that provides quality services in the areas of inventory, document and personal property restoration, and relocation services. I can highly recommend Will Lamb and his company to individuals and organizations facing emergencies effecting their business and personal property. Further, Will is probably most useful in providing advice on how to protect your valuable documents, furniture, and equipment before an emergency occurs.”

Boyd R.
Attorney & Business Development Consultant

“William Lamb is exceptionally talented and knowledgeable with matters pertaining to remediation, mitigation, mold problems and property restoration. His company, without question is top-rated in helping people restore property and in bringing normalcy back to people's lives after they had experienced catastrophic disasters. Like many others, I have been impressed with the before and after results of art restoration, including oil paintings, keepsake photos and other precious works of art. After the restoration it was difficult if not impossible see any damage. It is with the highest degree of confidence that I recommend William Lamb and his company.”

Eugene P.
President, Advise and Consult

“Will is an expert in contents restoration. I am impressed by the integrity and professionalism displayed by his company.”

Fred N.
President at Disaster Restoration Company

“William Lamb and AMRestore have been our standard recommendation for contents restoration, especially in the case of high dollar or difficult to restore materials. They work near miracles in the restoration of severe damage - PE, CIH.”

Tim D.
Engineer at Compliance Environmental
“During training courses in MD I would take the attendees to tour what I consider a state of the arts contents cleaning facility AMRestore. During conversations with Will and when hearing feedback from his clients it is obvious he is constantly learning and investing in the most current technology for his facility yet he recognizes that cleaning is often times a back to basics proposition. Will recognizes when the latest technology is an asset and when to go back to the basics an important asset when dealing with a diverse topic like contents restoration.”
Joe. H.
President IAQ Training Institute & Co-host at IAQ Radio

“Competent, Consistent, and Compassionate. A True expert in contents restoration.”

Tim F.
General Manager, National Property Restoration Company

“Will Lamb and AMRestore are great to work with. Will is extremely knowledgeable in all things related to contents. He supports that knowledge with the best equipment available, including ultrasonic and an Esporta wash system. Will frequently calls on his deep list of professional colleagues to answer unusual questions related to his clients’ contents which means AMRestore is bringing the best of the entire industry to solve these problems.”

Michael P.
CEO Wonder Makers Environmental - CSP, CMP
“I have used Will and AMRestore on countless projects. I have come to expect flawless results. He provides sound results in a NOW business. I look forward to the next project we can work on together.”
Josh R.
Restoration Division Manager

“William and AMRestore are great to work with! William is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the disaster industry. And he has a deep roster of contacts to refer to if he runs into something he may need advice on. Everyone that I have ever spoken to says nothing but great things about him. I have been very impressed every time I work with him. He is one of the most intelligent people that I have worked with in the disaster field. AMRestore is one of the most well planned companies around! I will always recommend them to anyone.”

Johnny J.
Experienced Disaster Specialist
“I would not hire anybody else for my cleaning and pack out needs. My Customers are always 100% satisfied.”
Joe. H.
Insurance Repair Company President


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