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Insurance Claim & Pack-out

 AMRestore is here to restore what you value most with our world class insurance claim pack-out services. With over a decade of experience servicing clients with disaster restoration pack-out and moving services, AMRestore is the recognized leader in white glove disaster restoration moving services.  


After a disaster strikes, call AMRestore to assist in the personal property recovery effort.  Items that need to be moved out of the loss area will be inventoried, wrapped and transported.  Total loss items will be inventoried so our client can be compensated for destroyed items by their insurance company as stipulated by their policy.

We can pack-out to clean, pack-out to store or pack-out to on-site storage areas as the job needs dictate.

AMRestore on the scene:

A disaster of any size to your home, office or facility mandates a comprehensive strategy which can be handled effectively and quickly.

“Pack-out” and Transport:

Once the items are inventoried, they will be safely and securely “packed-out” and readied for transport back to our facility as needed.  These contents will be handled as if they were our own.

“Pack-back” and Completion:

AMRestore will carefully and securely proceed to “pack-back” these items after coordinating a delivery date with the completion of your homes repairs.

AMRestore completes contractors’ offerings and never competes with your core services!Using state-of-the-art tracking software, we know exactly where an item was; where it came from; where it is currently; and where it needs to be returned, with the click of a button!

If you want a company that cares for your clients, gives the best possible service, doesn’t use subs and focuses on quality