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AMRestore promises to handle your requests for quicker contents estimates, customer access to belongings, thorough documentation and astounding save rates!  No to mention…FREE TOTAL LOSS REPORTS ON OUR PACK OUT SERVICES!


When residential or commercial contents have been affected by a disaster, it is essential to avoid amateur restoration attempts when dealing with everyday household goods up to sophisticated engineering or electronic equipment.  Some companies may not be equipped to adequately handle the contents restoration aspect of a loss.

Given swift and professional action, many articles which appear at first sight to be irreparably damaged, can, in fact, be restored to their previous condition. This is important not merely to reflect the face value of the articles, but also their intrinsic, sentimental or rarity value too.

Imagine the ability to restore up to 85% of questionable items in an equitable manner- wouldn’t that be great? AMRestore only restores contents, and we have made it our mission to save more contents than ever before, while keeping your customers delighted! When you hear AMRestore is on the job, know that safety and service are our top priorities.


For adjusters and agents, contents specialists help reduce the overall claim with having to replace less. Feel good about the environment by keeping items that can easily be restored from needlessly adding to the landfills…going green feels good!  A one-call specialist can handle full inventories and replacement cost pricing while addressing the contents, saving time and manpower on what was previously one of the most time consuming aspects of the claim.

A Contents Restoration Specialist should be able to provide pack-out, moving and contents services under one roof with just one call.

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