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Has a disaster affected your facility by damaging equipment, machinery, documents or contents?  AMRestore can help you quickly get back up and running or help you plan for the future!

When a disaster strikes your College or University, every day that you cannot get to your vital equipment or documents and books, every computer that is off-line, every piece of equipment that is slowly being damaged by soot, smoke, mold, water or other contaminants means you are losing time.  AMRestore will help to get you back up and running by restoring those items quickly and effectively.

AMRestore is a proud supporter of APPA and value our relationship with the Colleges and Universities. We are able to provide emergency services and minimize the impact of events regardless of the size of the school. The fact that we can complete a full range of services with our dedicated team allows us to expedite the recovery work either on site or at our facility, thereby allowing students and faculty to return to their routine quickly.

Our involvement IN ARMA and NARA allows AMRestore to assist with disaster planning and recovery for the chapter members and facilities across the country. We offer many options for the recovery of documents, books and electronic media as well as contents restoration and inventory and moving services.

AMRestore can help you tackle a whole library, offices with damaged contents, or the cleaning of vital assorted contents.  No matter if the task is large or small, what is vital to you is crucial to us. We will treat your adversity as if it happened in our own facility; you are our priority.  Do not waste time or money contemplating a solution. Contact us, and we will quickly assess your needs and create a plan of attack.

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