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Government and Commercial Moving

Whether scheduled or an emergency, AMRestore will relocate your commercial entity or office furniture, electronics, documents and other critical items on your schedule and always on budget!

AMRestore has built a business based on word-of-mouth referrals and reputation with business owners and stakeholders within the federal government, local institutions and state agency for reliability, organization, and accuracy.  Moving after a disaster is extremely important to retain business continuity. It is our goal to help you transition these services as quickly as possible to ensure the quickest path to recovery.

From businesses to universities to scientistic laboratories, AMRestore has extensive experience moving and relocating commercial and specialty non-profit organizations. 

Services we offer

  • Pre-Move Planning
  • Pack-Out, Moving and Unpacking
  • Bar-code system for control and organization
  • Collections are relocated while maintaining the exact original order
  • Protection for Surfaces

Hiring AMRestore as your relocation company will ensure your business is moved quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, minimizing downtime and ensuring a fast track to recovery.

Consider TheAlternatives

The moving company you hire is not familiar with disaster restoration procedures and actually can slow your recovery process.

There is not a proper inventory taken during the packing process so placing items back becomes labor intensive for you as you are trying to concentrate energy elsewhere.

Computers are not properly disconnected/ reconnected or files are misplaced or misfiled.

Valuable and sensitive office equipment is improperly packed and damaged in the move or possibly not even inspected or cleaned from the loss.

AMRestore is a total solution for commercial and office moving; call us at 800-498-8800 to discuss how we can serve you.  Ask us for our incredible list of referrals from our ecstatic customers!