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Commercial Equipment & Industrial Machinery Restoration

At AMRestore, our understanding of commercial and industrial clients’ needs allow us to be a key part of the disaster recovery team. We can restore what you value most, so your business can be up and running in no time. Knowledge of the effects of contamination, moisture and acid soot residue affecting various substrates affords us opportunity to work with your in-house engineering department and third parties to develop a technical protocol.  

By collaborating with your OEM service groups; we are able to stay within the required specifications, making restoration viable. Restoration of equipment requires bringing items back to pre-loss and usable condition in the least amount of time possible. With these recovery goals in mind, we work diligently to meet critical requirements and specifications.
AMRestore works with you to develop streamlined protocols to effectively mitigate, treat, and stabilize all types of substrates; helping you get back in business….. This is what we do.

We restore commercial, industrial and consumer grade electronics. We can restore them in our electronics repair center or on site with our portable electronics restoration chambers. Call us if you have immediate questions at 800-498-8800.

The following are a few of the industries we have restored items for or offered consulting services on:

Manufacturing Facilities
Car Dealerships
Clean Rooms
Evidence Rooms
Industrial Facilities
Food Processing Plants
Medical Labs and Offices
Office Buildings
Commercial Restaurants
Sports Facilities
Material Handling

AMRestore equipment technicians are experts in restoration equipment damaged by various perils. Our technicians and project managers can talk the OEM representative’s language to obtain clear specifications.

AMRestore processes and personnel are designed to clean and decontaminate without harming the items being serviced. Call us today to find out why we are so highly recommended.

Call AMRestore at 800-498-8800 to quickly discuss a plan of action to recover damaged equipment and machinery.

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