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Art Handling & Collection Relocation

At AMRestore, we understand art is worth so much more than the canvas it’s painted on, so we carefully restore what’s valued most by our customers.

Normally, AMRestore is called in to pack and move valuables, antiques and fine art after a disaster strikes due to our reliable care and training, but we also provide traditional art transport, collection relocation and handling services as well.
We work for you as a client and will liaison with the insurance company or third parties on your behalf if this is an insurance claim. For direct billing or traditional art moving, we will work with you on a time and material basis with a direct billing schedule. What matters to you, matters to us…it is our business to care.

We have a dedicated art lab staffed with trained art handlers and art conservators.  We frequently handle the packing, transport and ensuing restoration of any type of art or collections.

Years of experience in art handling and training has given AMRestore the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in fine art transport and art handling.  AMRestore constantly works towards providing RELIABLE CARE to our customers.

AMRestore has a fully trained packing crew for providing top quality fine art handling services. Our newly updated, temperature-controlled warehousing facilities are designed specifically for safe handling and storage of fine art shipments.

Under our direct control and supervision, we offer a complete range of services that includes:

Packing & crating for exhibits & artwork

Fine art handling, transport and installation as needed

Storage in designated climate controlled storage vaults

Barcode and collection inventory management with our tracking software

Customized packing solutions and crating for oversize items are offered to meet the specific requirements of handling the artwork as needed.

We can provide you with an impressive list of referrals and tour of our facilities.  We also offer restoration and conservation services for a one stop shop! Call AMRestore for your art transport and relocation needs at 800-498-8800.