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Protect Your Valuables from Mold in the Winter Months

Here on the East Coast, winter weather can lead to high humidity levels. Indoors, the humidity combines with warmer temperatures and result in ideal conditions for mold growth. While works of art, antiques, and family heirlooms may seem safe under your roof, they can be susceptible to mold growth if they are not stored properly.

Where NOT to Keep Valuables

Laundry room: laundry machines create moisture that can tarnish fine metals, warp paper and be an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Bathroom: like the laundry room, bathrooms have natural sources of moisture that can make for particularly humid situations. Take your valuables out of the bathroom and be on the lookout for mold growth on walls, in cabinets, or on a shower curtain.

Kitchen: unlike our first two locations, kitchens tend to have windows. Keep all art and photographs away from the windows when it’s cold out. Also avoid the sink area, food preparation and cooking surfaces, and the areas around an oven and dishwasher. The heat, moisture, food particles and oil in a kitchen will cut the life of your valuables short.

Near windows: areas near windows tend to mimic the weather outside, especially if not sealed properly. Keep your heirlooms, photographs and antique findings away from windows.

Near heating vents, air conditioners, radiators, air purifiers, and humidifiers: while practical for maintaining a consistent temperature in a home, these items are not art-friendly.

Near a hot lamp or in an area that receives direct sunlight: while mold growth isn’t likely, the sun’s UV rays will quickly fade any art it touches. Hot lamps can cause art and photographs to become dry and crack.

Ideally, art, antiques and family heirlooms should be stored somewhere with temperatures of 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and low humidity. As winter continues to bring low temperatures and more humidity, understand that certain valuables may need to be moved in order to avoid becoming a breeding ground for mold.

Even after employing these tips, mold outbreaks are possible. If a mold outbreak is affecting your family’s most valuable items, contact AMRestore. As restoration experts, we are your best chance of bringing your items back to their original condition and not causing further damage. Contact us immediately if you notice any mold growth in your home or on any valuable items.

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