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Maritime Incident Claims Recovery

When shipping cargo through international supply chains, there are many potential dangers that can be encountered along the way. While some importers focus on the obvious dangers of cargo theft and container ship collisions, many times the hidden threat is the damage and receiving water damaged goods within a sealed shipping container. AMRestore can restore what you value most when shipping disasters strike.  


AMRestore is often called in from shippers to handle the cleaning and restoration of these products due to our specialized restoration expertise.

With 10% of all container shipments discarded due to moisture related damage, it becomes obvious that this is a larger issue than importers may realize.  By cleaning and restoring these goods, there can be a significant cost savings.

Steps to mitigate water damaged cargo:

Visually inspect the outside and inside of the sea container for contaminants and inspect the cargo for damage.

Empty and inventory the contents to ensure cargo packed into the sea container is clean and free of visible contaminants.

Clean and restore contents and cargo as applicable through various processes and address specific concerns if the items are of extreme value or irreplaceable (i.e. artwork, collections, etc.).

Test and verify items are properly cleaned and restored.

Create total loss inventory lists for submittal to finalize the claims process for damaged goods and property.

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