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Hoarding Cleaning & Estate Cleaning Services

AMRestore can restore what you value most in hoarding and estate cleanup
situations with the care and empathy that is required.

When entering a home with a significant amount of contents, some wonder how these items are all going to be removed in a timely fashion, and that is when a specialist on speed dial can really save the day.  We are compassionate in our approach when dealing with personal property and its disposition during hoarding clean up.

AMRestore contents specialists can quickly pack and inventory these contents to move them safely out of the way, dispose of designated items and return and organize as needed for the hoarding environment.

If needed, the pack-out and ensuing inventory creation is an intricate art all to its own; valuable items need to be properly sorted, wrapped and packaged so that additional damage does not occur.

In addition to Hoarding Cleaning, we also offer Estate Cleanup Services.

Anyone who has been faced with taking care of a family member’s estate – knows that it is emotionally and physically exhausting. AMRestore can help; we will organize all the items in the house so that the family can easily view all the items; create an inventory list of the items and barcode as necessary; pack up the items designated for family members; take care of items designated to be donated; and thoroughly clean the home so it is ready to go on the market. 

Organizing and preparing a home for an estate sale or probate is a trying experience.

Arrange valuation of items

Sort and organize documents

Inventory items

Items to donate, consignment or brokerage

Disposal of items as needed

Cleaning of home after organization

Any additional restoration work on…anything really!

Care is taken with each and every service AMRestore offers. Hoarding Cleaning, Estate and Collector settings require a specialized touch from a specialized company. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements at 800-498-8800.