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Government Moving & Institution Relocation

AMRestore has built a business based on word of mouth referrals and reputation within the federal government, local institutions and state agency for reliability, organization, and accuracy. We pride ourselves on our exceptional ability to restore what is valued most by our nation’s lawmakers and nonprofit workers. 

AMRestore’s expertise offers an end-to-end solution:

Using special tags that are bar-coded
for easy tracking.

Only HIGHLY trained and experienced personnel have passed extensive background checks in order to complete sensitive projects. Our specialty movers possess the technical knowledge necessary to safely relocate even the most delicate and sophisticated equipment and materials, as demonstrated by our impressive success stories.

Services We Offer

Technical Knowledge

Relocating an institution can be especially challenging because it requires strategic planning and the proper technical knowledge. Libraries, institutions and laboratories are meticulously organized and each book, file or piece of equipment has a specific place. We have the technical knowledge needed to pack, move, and unpack a library so that no book is misplaced or lost. You spent precious time organizing everything, so we take the time to preserve your work.

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To ensure that you have the best, we do not employ temporary laborers. Our team has extensive experience keeping your collections and equipment together and in proper order during the move. You will receive a designated project manager to see your job through the entire process. Contact us today for a consultation or a free estimate, and ask for our impressive list of satisfied customers.