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Electronic Equipment Restoration

No matter what type of disaster strikes, AMRestore can restore what you value most, especially your valuable electronics.


At AMRestore, our technical department has the ability to evaluate the condition of electro-mechanical equipment affected by various perils. Whether affected by corrosion from water damage, acid soot from smoke damage or contamination from a bio-hazard occurrence proper restoration protocols guarantee the fastest path to recovery along with the goal of thorough decontamination. We restore commercial, industrial and consumer grade electronics.  We can restore them in our electronics repair center or on site with our portable electronics restoration chambers. 

The key to restoring electronics is taking prompt action to prevent further damage. Smoke residues can contain acids that will corrode metal surfaces when moisture is also present.   If the residues are not removed no matter how light, corrosion eats away at metals and causes electronic failure in the device.

It is very important NOT to turn on electrical equipment that may have been damaged or to touch soot covered items- the oils from your hand can set a stain into molded plastics.

Electronics and data recovery is one other area where an amateur attempt can cause more problems.  Electronics restoration has evolved past just a wipe down and crossing your fingers for continued functionality.  

AMRestore employs dedicated electronics technicians and computer engineers to assess, restore and test all electronics.  We determine whether it is cost effective to restore or possibly replace and transfer data as needed. We can also give immediate replacement costs for items at the request of the insurance company for replacement purposes right on site with our proprietary inventory and valuation software.

No matter the restoration scenario or needs of the client, AMRestore is committed to collaborating to reach the total solution; thus leading to the complete recovery in the quickest and most complete way possible.

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