Glen Burnie, Maryland, October 23, 2007 – AmRestore of Maryland to introduce the documented and patented Esporta� process designed specifically to remove the odor, contaminants and infectious organisms that can be lurking in sporting equipment and professional gear.

Infections from MRSA, or Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus have recently sickened or claimed the lives of several school age children nationwide. Staph (MRSA) infection in equipment and gear can easily be prevented with routine professional cleaning and disinfecting. Destroy the habitat deep in materials this bacterium thrives in before the colonies have a chance to multiply and spread, infecting other items and people. Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated that the patented Esporta� Wash process kills 99.9997% of the harmful bacteria in hard and soft goods while microprocessors strictly regulate the process to protect the glues, foams and plastics constructing the equipment. Simple household cleaning and alternative procedures have been proven mostly ineffective.

Will Lamb, Founder and President of AmRestore, Inc., encourages parents, schools and public officials to be proactive and protect the community. �The spread of these infectious organisms can easily be prevented with a simple three step process of always washing your hands, disinfecting common surfaces and routine cleaning and disinfecting of your equipment.� states Lamb, a father of two and resident of Anne Arundel County. �We pride ourselves on preserving health, home and harmony through equipment cleaning and decontamination services and specialized contents restoration. I want to help protect the community just as I protect my own family.�

Due to the recent outbreaks and inquires, AmRestore will initially provide specialized equipment cleaning and decontamination service directly to schools, institutions and sporting teams on a group basis. AmRestore�s experience with restoration and remediation projects combined with extensive industry certifications make them a wise choice for safely disinfecting equipment and gear. AmRestore will serve the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area in a 9000 square foot facility located strategically in Glen Burnie, Maryland will open on January 1, 2008.

For additional information on preventing infection and contamination in sporting equipment and professional gear, please visit www.amrestore.com.

About AmRestore:

AmRestore is a specialized firm focused on the restoration, cleaning and disinfecting of contents and equipment: electronics, machinery, collectibles, artwork, personal belongings, sporting goods and professional gear. AmRestore provides these specialty services primarily after a fire, smoke, wind, water or mold disaster as a subcontractor for mitigation and reconstruction companies. The unique combination of equipment and processes gives them the capability of cleaning and decontaminating sports equipment and professional gear. With the recent increase of MRSA and Staph infections locally, they can safely provide the community with peace of mind.


Will Lamb, President

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this article please contact William Lamb, President | AmRestore at will@AmRestore.com

Contents Cleaning and Restoration Guidelines

3/3/2008 – Maryland
Contents Cleaning and Restoration Guidelines

Dear Homeowner,

AmRestore values your trust in choosing us as your contents restoration specialists. We realized this is a difficult time for you and your family or associates. It is our desire to provide you with outstanding professional services along with care and understanding.

In an effort to familiarize you with the contents and personal belongings relocation process during the restoration and possible reconstruction of your home or facility, we have outlined the typical stages and procedures. 

Your Project Manager and personal contact with AmRestore, will strive to keep you informed throughout the project.

The initial stages include, but are not limited to:

Emergency Services- May include emergency electronics mitigation and corrosion control or vital items evacuation.

Pack-Out- Our Photo Inventory Team will professionally photograph, inventory and professionally pack your personal belongs or equipment.

Move-Out- Our moving team will load your belongings onto a moving truck and transport them to our secure, climate controlled Personal Property Care Center for state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration.

Based on the amount of personal belongings or equipment and the procedures required to clean and restore, each stage could take several days to complete. We strive to make the process as smooth as possible. 

You will be advised of the time the Photo Inventory Team will begin the Pack-Out process. To ensure your family or associates have the items you will need to take with you, we provide you with a Take-Along List used for collecting personal and important items. 

If items have previous damage or malfunction, please bring it to our attention and items that need emergency processing should be immediately discussed. 

We ask that a policyholder be present during the Move-Out, as a signature is required to release your contents into our care. Your contents and personal belongings are being transferred and processed locally in one of the most advanced Personal Property Care Centers in the Country. 

Your contents will be evaluated, cleaned and/or restored through a variety of proprietary processes and stored in a climate-controlled vault center.

Feel free to contact us at 800-498-8800 if you have any questions or need further assistance.


The AmRestore Team

Contents Restoration Specialists

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article please contact William Lamb, President | AmRestore at will@AmRestore.com