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Packout, Moving, Documents and Contents Restoration

Complete Contents and Recovery Solutions

AMRestore is a residential and commercial contents restoration, cleaning and moving specialist. We are proud to provide a white glove service to our clients who have experienced disasters or events that have damaged or threaten their valued documents, books, and materials.

Our skilled team performs packing and moving, restoration for books, art and contents, as well as document recovery, secure storage, complete content replacement inventories and asset tracking. 

Our Services

Document Freeze Drying and Restoration

We understand that documents are so much more than pieces of paper. AMRestore has the latest large capacity document freeze drying technology to perform any sized paper reclamation project.

Art & Collectibles Conservation

We know your treasured pieces may have been in your family for generations, and we intend to protect these cherished works. We have a lab with trained art restoration specialists.

Book Restoration, Cleaning and Binding

We know how to restore and clean your damaged and historic books to preserve the information for decades to come. We have extensive experience handling, cleaning, and binding books that have mold, insects, and other physical damage.

Personal Property Restoration

We know how devastating disaster can be, and we’re here to restore what matters most. If fire, soot, or water has touched treasured goods, they must be immediately restored.

Packout & Moving

After disaster strikes, AMRestore is called in to pack and move due to our compassionate care, but we can also move customers as a traditional mover.

AMRestore pledges absolute honesty and compassion for those suffering.  We will treat your personal effects as though they were our own.

Contents Restoration

AMRestore is a specialized firm focused on the inventory, packing, moving and restoration of personal property, electronics, machinery, collectibles and antiques, artwork and collections, documents and valuable papers and gear decontamination. Partner with AMRestore for a complete contents solutionstart to finish.

Residential Restoration

Personal property has memories and stories intrinsically attached to it. AMRestore helps restore those hopes, dreams and memories with our specialized contents restoration services. AMRestore partners with contractors, adjusters, agents and others to ensure customers receive the best contents restoration service available.

Commercial Restoration

Every minute a business or institution is down could mean lost revenue, customers or collections. AMRestore helps minimize interruption from disasters and the additional expense to get back up and running. AMRestore consistently helps businesses resume operations in the shortest time possible!

Erie Insured
“Everybody was the kindest, very pleasant gentleman, very professional, fast, quiet and kind.”
Irma G
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Homesite Insured
“The team showed up extremely fast and provided all services during the pack-out with an extreme success. All should be commended.”
Ronda W.
Thursday, August 25, 2016
State Farm Insured
“AMR is very customer service oriented, very professional.”
Keith D.
Thursday, August 15, 2017