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Secured Storage Facilities

AMRestore has up to 100,000 square feet of flexible storage options including climate controlled, electric security, CCTV.

Secured Storage FacilitiesOnce the items are inventoried, they will be safely and securely “packed-out” and readied for transport back to our facility. These contents will be handled as if they were our own. We know there are heirlooms, memories and beloved items that will be entrusted in our care. We will show these items the same compassion and care that we feel for our customers in what is a very stressful situation for them.

Upon arrival at our facility, the contents will be carefully unpacked, inspected and restored as needed or will be stored in a secure, climate controlled facility or they could be delivered immediately upon the completion of the scheduled repairs.

Secured Storage FacilitiesThese processes will all be carefully coordinated with all parties involved! Our goal is complete satisfaction of everyone involved in this process. We know this is a hard time for the parties experiencing the loss; we will serve them with RELIABLE CARE.

All customer items are secured in individual vaults within our climate controlled, security monitored storage facility. All content items are tracked with our bar coding software for care-custody-and control procedures. Each vault is also electronically monitored from our state of the art software.

Secured Storage FacilitiesWe guarantee that your possessions will be safe and heavily protected by our climate-controlled storage facility until you are ready to carry on with the relocation process.

Call us to discuss any specialty storage need you may have. If we can restore it, move it and ship it…we can surely store it! Just give us a call…800-498-8800.