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How AMRestore Helps Contractors

AMRestore can help you minimize liability, increase productivity and devote resources to increase margins and profitability. All in a seamless manner!

Did the last project overwhelm your contents processing capabilities or did you wish that there was a company that could handle that piece for you all together due to the damage and complaints you must deal with? What if there was a professional, seamless way for you to still manage all of those projects, but without the stresses of restoring the contents?

Imagine your company conducting more projects and allocating more resources, while making everyone ecstatic that there was a way to restore more contents than ever! Wouldn’t that be great? You can, just let AMRestore assist you. We are your Contents Restoration Specialists; contact us now so we can begin building a great relationship!

After listening to the problems that contractors, restorers and the insurance community were faced with contents restoration, we set out to create a solution. We received and gathered valuable input from consultants, restoration company owners, cleaning technicians, as well as insurance professionals on how to best serve our clients for their contents restoration needs.

Using that information, AMRestore is ready to assist the restoration and contracting community in solving those problems. We can partner with you and process contents for you, or provide a relief valve for those times of excess capacity. Whether you are a large Cat Loss Company, Reconstruction Contractor, Small/ Medium Full Service Restorer, or you are looking into providing contents restoration in your offerings, we can help. Why invest in a huge capital expense just to clean your contents? Let us handle that, use that capital to concentrate on the core of your business, mitigation, restoration and reconstruction!

You provide a very noble service to those who have experienced an extremely emotional event; we want to assist you in putting peoples’ lives back together again. We believe there is no greater cause than assisting those in time of need. We hope to do our part in restoring their hopes, dreams and memories through our specialized contents restoration services.

We will tailor our services to augment your current capabilities; we work to assist in completing your service offerings. We custom design the way we do business by modeling our processes with the way you do business! We want to serve you, so we do business your way. Partner with AMRestore, contact us now and we can custom tailor a solution for you! We welcome you to tour our facility!

AMRestore Provides Solutions.

How we work with you:
  • We only restore contents and mitigate if requested.
  • Every job is different; we will help solve those logistics problems with you.
  • We work under mutually beneficial terms.

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