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Personal Property Restoration

Disasters can happen at any time, if fire, soot, smoke, water, sewage, or any other unwanted contaminant has touched or affected personal property or “contents”, it must be immediately cleaned, restored, deodorized or sanitized. One item or a thousand, no matter how large or small, we restore and ship it all! If we can’t get it…SHIP IT!

Personal Property RestorationWe handle all types of cleaning and deodorization of contents including electronics, collectibles, antiques, crystal, appliances, bikes, exercise equipment, high-detail items, china, dinnerware, oriental rugs, tools, metal items, sports goods, industrial commodities, scheduled items, furniture, clothing, and a never-ending list of other hard and soft goods as well as providing pack-out and storage of your belongings.


AMRestore values your trust in choosing us as your mitigation, contents restoration, document restoration, electronics cleaning and art restoration specialists; we recognize the importance of your loss and understand the interruption to your life. It is our desire to provide you with outstanding, professional services during this disruption.

We serve: Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and the entire Mid-Atlantic Region. We ship and receive Nationwide!

Personal Property RestorationIf called in during a damage situation and when dealing with contents damage, “time is of the essence”, this process should commence immediately following the loss, proper restoration of many items require quick and immediate action. Primary damage is obvious, but secondary damage (caused by moisture, mildew, corrosion, or odors) is the main cause for the loss of the majority of valuable belongings. Our goal is to provide support and aid in quickly restoring the loss with the minimal amount of time and expense to all parties involved.

After preventing further damage, proper documentation of the personal or business property contained within the area of loss and subsequently affected areas. Our proprietary contents restoration inventory software with bar-coding and picture cataloging services guarantee rapid turn-around, including cleaning and estimated replacement costs. Each and every item or content will be identified as repairable, salvageable or irreparable.

Personal Property RestorationWhen a fire or other event strikes your home or facility there may only be a small portion charred or destroyed. However, a large portion of the affected area is damaged by soot, water and smoke. Our techniques, processes and technology allow us to restore up to 85 percent of previously unsalvageable items. Unless an item is charred or physically broken, AMRestore can typically restore it to pre-loss condition.

The items designated for restoration will be slated for a variety of our restoration procedures, or even a combination of many procedures to ensure the best results. Depending on the item or many other factors involved we may employ our Ultrasonic cleaning systems, de-ionized electronics cleaning procedure, our Esporta© patented wash system, our Vaportek© deodorizing room, or possibly a good old-fashion hand cleaning technique.

Personal Property RestorationWe will use the process or combination of processes to ensure the best possible result. We DO NOT advocate the use of ozone; we believe the negative properties of ozone far outweigh the justification of the use of it in our facility. With our ecologically safe technology, we will provide RELIABLE CARE for every item in our possession.

Traditionally, post-fire cleaning and restoration has been a laborious, manual process. An array of hand tools, from specially made brushes to cotton swabs has been needed to get into the tiny, irregular spaces where soot collects. Air compressors have been the first step in dislodging soot before the slow progression of soaking, rinsing and scrubbing. Despite a great deal of detailed cleaning, it has been difficult at best to completely remove smoke residue and smell.

Replacing the traditional methodology of hand scrubbing with toxic solvents, ultrasonics uses sound vibrations, hot water and engineered soaps to clean a broad range of products and parts. Now with sound waves, not human muscle providing the agitation, ultrasonic technology dislodges dirt and soot more thoroughly, getting into the smallest recesses that can be easily missed with hand tools and visual inspection.

Personal Property RestorationUltrasonics is one of the most efficient restoration methods and many items previously considered a loss by insurance companies can now be effectively restored. We can now process and restore antiques, china, jewelry, firearms, power tools, electronics, artificial plants, chandeliers and much more. The types of items are limitless!

Electronic Cleaning Stations are the ideal cleaning compliment for advanced electronic components. AMRestore effectively cleans delicate electronic instruments, increase accuracy and remove dirt contaminants and smoke residue from a variety of electronic items.

This system utilizes an assembly line/ manufacturing approach to our contents restoration process. It is much more efficient and results in higher save rates.

Once the items are effectively cleaned and deodorized or sanitized, they are dried through various procedures. Each item may require a distinct drying procedure depending on the make-up of its components. We will ensure the item is dried to our stringent specifications and inspected again upon completion.

Personal Property RestorationBased on the amount of contents and art removed and the procedures required for cleaning and restoring, each stage could take multiple steps to complete. It is our mission and goal to make the process as smooth as possible.

Your contents and art will be transferred and processed locally in one of the most advanced property care centers in the country, please visit us at www.AMRestore.com. Your contents will be evaluated, cleaned and/or restored through a variety of proprietary processes and stored in a safe and secure vault center. We keep you involved in the process, you are our client and we are looking out for your best interest.

One item or a thousand, no matter how large or small, we restore and ship it all! If we can’t get it…SHIP IT!

You are welcome to come and see this technology in action, call us at 800-498-8800!