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Packing and Moving Services

Packing & Moving ServicesNormally, AMRestore is called in to pack and move after a disaster strikes due to our reliable care but we can also move customers as a traditional mover as well. Our affordable, Xactimate® based prices for packing and moving is time and materials based, please call us at 800-498-8800.

After a disaster strikes, call us to provide our mitigation and specialized contents restoration services and during restoration, some items need to be relocated for restoration or storage and that is where AMRestore excels.

When dealing with contents damage, “time is of the essence”, and if moving is necessary, this process should commence immediately following the loss.

Packing & Moving ServicesProper restoration of many items requires quick and immediate action. Primary damage is obvious, but secondary damage (caused by moisture, mildew, corrosion, or odors) is the main cause for the loss of the majority of valuable belongings.

There are several steps to the specialized contents restoration process including; the initial arrival and survey, documentation of the loss, stabilization and mitigation of secondary damage, pack out and transport, the actual restoration and cleaning process, and finally the pack back and completion.

AMRestore can handle this process from start to finish, or we can just be involved in certain aspects as dictated by our agreed upon working parameters.

AMRestore on the scene:

A disaster of any size to your home, office or facility mandates a comprehensive strategy which can be handled effectively and quickly. Upon our initial response, we will employ many procedures for the immediate mitigation of further damage to the contents.

Packing & Moving ServicesDocumentation:

After preventing further damage, proper documentation of the personal or business property contained within the area of loss and subsequently affected areas. As a user of the CRS (contents restoration software) we guarantee rapid turn-around, including cleaning and estimated replacement costs. Each and every item or content will be identified as repairable, salvageable or irreparable.

“Pack-out” and Transport:

Once the items are inventoried, they will be safely and securely “packed-out” and readied for transport back to our facility as needed. These contents will be handled as if they were our own. We know there are heirlooms, memories and beloved items that will be entrusted in our care. We will show these items the same compassion and care that we feel for our customers in what is a very stressful situation for them.

Packing & Moving ServicesItems are packed according to what room, section of the room and any additional location notes for ease of tracking with our proprietary contents restoration software. Upon arrival, contents will be stored in a secure, climate controlled facility and they will be ready to be delivered immediately upon the completion of the scheduled repairs. These processes will all be carefully coordinated with all parties involved! Our goal is complete satisfaction of everyone involved in this process. We know this is a hard time for the parties experiencing the loss; we will serve them with RELIABLE CARE.

Restoration Process:

Packing & Moving ServicesIf restoration is required, items will be slated for a variety of our restoration procedures, or even a combination of many procedures to ensure the best results. Depending on the item or many other factors involved we may employ our Ultrasonic cleaning systems, de-ionized electronics cleaning procedure, our Esporta© patented wash system, our deodorizing room, or possibly a good old-fashion hand cleaning technique. We will use the process or combination of processes to ensure the best possible result. With our ecologically safe technology, we will provide RELIABLE CARE for every item in our possession.

Once the items are effectively cleaned and deodorized or sanitized, they are dried through various procedures. Each item may require a distinct drying procedure depending on the make-up of its components. We will ensure the item is dried to our stringent specifications and inspected again upon completion.

“Pack-back” and Completion:

Packing & Moving ServicesAMRestore will carefully and securely proceed to “pack-back” these items after coordinating a delivery date with the completion of your homes repairs. We will ensure they are packed in a way that makes them easy to find and unpacked in the future or we can do a complete pack-back all the way down to hanging the pictures.

Normally, contents are packed according to room and where they were originally packed from. There are documentations and photographs made that coincide with the contents of each box making it easy to know exactly what each box contains along with a barcode indicator listing the items on the label. It takes the guesswork and stress out of searching for that one item you need immediately!

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