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Fire Damage Mitigation

AMRestore works for you and will mitigate, restore or provide justification for you on the contents and mitigation portion of your claim (inventory, moving, storage, restoration and full put back in addition to any fire cleanup you may need). Our restoration technicians know that damage increases and restoration costs escalate the longer neutralization, corrosion control and cleaning is delayed. We can respond immediately, just call us at 800-498-8800.

Fire Damage MitigationAfter a fire loss, AMRestore has the capability to clean on-site, pack-out, inventory and provide immediate replacement costs, restore artwork, dry and reprocess documents, refinish antiques, restore and test electronics as well as clean and restore all types of general content items under one roof or on-site. This gives you the opportunity to place one call to solve your contents issues.

Cleaning soot residue must be done as quickly as possible. During combustion, soot residue and volatile vapors are carried by rising and expanding air to surfaces throughout a structure, and are deposited. This process occurs repeatedly until combustion ends, with soot residue building up on surfaces layer by layer.

In addition to removing residue, ridding your home of its smoke odor is necessary. Understanding the effects of a fire can help homeowners evaluate the damage to their home. By learning more about residue clean-up and deodorization after a fire, you can minimize the need for costly repair. Our fire and smoke restoration experts can help you return your home and furnishings to a “pre-loss” condition.

To familiarize you with the restoration process, the initial stages in our process include but are not limited to:

Fire Damage MitigationEmergency Services - The structure needs securing, mitigation and corrosion control as needed vital items from your home or business are relocated to an AMRestore stabilization chamber to dry or off-gas for a thorough assessment prior to further restoration.

Pack-Out - Our Inventory Team will digitally capture your personal property with our proprietary contents restoration inventory software and then pack your contents, electronics and art. The AMRestore team will then carefully load your contents and equipment into our moving van and transport them to our alarmed, secure, and climate controlled facility. Your contents and art will be cared for at our state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration center.

Fire MitigationAll information in is available for download in multiple formats through our information portal located on the home page of the AMRestore website.

All non-restorable items will be inventoried and photographed for submittal to the insurance company to ensure proper compensation. These items will be removed as to clear the area for the start of your reconstruction phase handled by others.

Call AMRestore at 800-498-8800 to quickly discuss a plan of action to recover damaged materials and contents. Remember, site visits and advice are free (plus you know we like to see you)!

You are welcome to come and see our technology and professionals in action, call us at 800-498-8800!