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Emergency Response Agreements

Burst pipes, flooding, fire and smoke or storm damage…you hope it never happens to you. However, disasters occur all the time and the aftermath can be devastating in terms of property damage, business interruption and loss of customers or staff. AMRestore understands these dilemmas.

Emergency Response AgreementsThrough our experience in the restoration industry, we have learned several basic facts about disaster preparedness:
  1. If you wait until the disaster occurs, you have waited way too long
  2. If you have failed to make a plan, you are at the mercy of others
  3. If you think you are safe and there is no need to plan, disaster will strike

You can’t always predict when disaster will strike or the impact it may have on your business but you can take steps to ensure a faster and more effective recovery if the unthinkable happens.

It all begins with a disaster preparedness plan and an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) with AMRestore.

An Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) is a disaster recovery plan for commercial business owners, university risk managers, and property managers. Establishing your company as one of our pre-registered customers adds an extra measure of preparedness to your contingency plan and provides peace of mind in the event of a disaster. With an ERA on file, a single telephone call to our 24hr emergency number is all that’s needed to initiate immediate recovery services, to minimize business interruption and loss of revenue, and to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible again.

Pre-registration has its benefits:

  • Immediate emergency services - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even in high volume times
  • No surprises, all emergency services and contractual agreements can be specified and signed before disaster happens.
Emergency Response AgreementsOur agreements can include 24-hour emergency response for:
  • Water Extraction Services
  • Fire, smoke, storm and flood damage
  • On-location Contents Cleaning
  • Pack-out of contents for off-site cleaning and storage
  • Document Restoration and Document Freeze Drying
  • Electronics and Equipment Restoration
  • Art Restoration and Mitigation
Call AMRestore at 800-498-8800 to discuss an ERA and complimentary plan of action to recover damaged materials and contents. Remember, site visits and advice are free (plus you know we like to see you)!