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Art Restoration and Art Mitigation

At AMRestore, we have a dedicated art lab staffed with trained art handlers and art restoration specialists. We frequently handle the packing, transport and ensuing restoration of any type of art or collections. Our specialists can reframe, mat and back traditional or high-end art, paintings can be restored to pre-loss conditions and any other art or collectible can be restored for its sentimental value or to save on the replacement cost.

Art Restoration and Art MitigationArt works encompass an extraordinary range of media, materials, techniques, and values. They are inherently fragile and when displayed their elevated location often places them directly in the path of heat and fire residues.

Trust AMRestore’ s division that specializes in the recovery and restoration of art, wall hangings and antiques from fires, floods, mold and a variety of other disasters. AMRestore’ s art restoration professionals have fine art and conservation related degrees in addition to post-baccalaureate training and certifications.

AMRestore handles treats and restores various art media types such as:
  • Paintings- oil, water color, all media, etc.
  • Prints- lithographs, posters, memorabilia, etc.
  • Pictures- on film or photographic paper, duplication as requested
  • Object- sculptures, busts, statues, glasswork, various media, etc.

Art Restoration and Art MitigationAll of the above, any collectible or collection, fine art object, picture or painting, memorabilia, or otherwise valuable, scheduled or item specifically insured is handled through this specialized department. Including albums, pictures, antique toys, toy trains, dolls, doll houses, pottery, ceramics, china, stem ware plates, blown glass, coins, baseball cards, football cards, game cards, antiques, flags, guns or any replica, original or otherwise known object of value maybe sentimental, financial, antique or other.

During the recovery process, mitigation and triage of items may be necessary. This can include drying on site, drying at shop in our specialized chambers, dehumidification, treatments, disassembly or de-housing.

Taking apart items or “de-housing” to reduce the moisture causing mold to the papers and canvas or fabric of art items is usually the first step. These items need to be separated and stabilized as all items can bleed, bond or create breading grounds for mold.

Mitigation and triage of smoke and soot contaminated items is much the same as with wet items- removal from contaminated area and disassembly or de-housing, deodorization treatments, etc. to stop the corrosive nature of soot. Smoke and soot is aggressive to metals, oil, water colors and paper substrates especially.

Many times we are called to a loss after the fact; here are some dangers of letting untrained people not familiar with art attempt recovery:

    Art Restoration and Art Mitigation
  • Not understanding the difference of art versus other items in the mitigation and triage stage
  • Handling art like general contents or using movers that just performed demo work on your structure
  • Unqualified art packers and handlers resulting in improper packing and possibly broken items
  • Art being not cleaned and continuing as a source of odor even when everything else is completed
  • Damage by over cleaning or improper chemistries

AMRestore has the dedicated division, lab, personnel and training to perform in your time of need. Call us today to see what a difference we can make!

Art Mitigation and Art Restoration
One piece or a thousand, no matter how large or small, we restore and ship it all! If we can’t get it…SHIP IT!

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